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About Orion's Tales and Orion Arm.

Orion's Arm is a complete genre in the making, an interactive hard science space opera, a joint effort in science fiction world building, a forum for cutting edge science fiction ideas, a way of exploring a possible future that is at once alien and yet familiar, and terrifyingly possible. Here you have the opportunity to explore a vast universe - to contribute your own ideas and input, to create an entire new way of seeing things.

Because this project is still under construction, and has already gone through several revisions, and because of the vastness, fluidity, and ability of the Orion's Arm scenario to incorporate and assimilate new ideas, there is plenty of opportunity to insert even the most radical and diverse themes and ideas, as long as they fit in with the basic premise of this setting.

In this Magazine We will bring together the Stories and other Written work, Made By various authors and World builders who have joined this Project, to make is a grand project on a gigantic scale.

If you want to find out more about Orion's Arm visit the Web site