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The Ezine is readable in PDF format only. So it is compatible with almost any Computer, that can support Adobe's PDF reader Acrobat, if you haven't got it click on the Acrobat button to the left and download the reader, before downloading any of the Issues.

The Orion Tales is an eZine dedicated to the ORION'S ARM World building Project. It is offered free of charge to all interested parties and is not to be sold in any form. It may be printed if distributed free of charge.

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Issue one of Orion Tales.. October 2001

If you have Acrobat reader installed as a Browser Plugin, right click on the link and save target as ( IE ) or If using Netscape right click and save as. This will ensure you download it , so you can read it offline.

Issue one

652.039 K


Issue Two of Oriontales February 2002


Issue two

382,707 K

A multimedia introduction to Orion's Arm - size 2537 KB